Rapid orthodontics with flapless piezoelectric corticotomies: First clinical experiences.
The International Journal of Odontostomatology, 7(1):79-85, 2013. (SCIELO)
J Jofré, J Montenegro, R Arroyo

One of the biggest challenges an orthodontic patient faces is the time spent wearing brackets. Over the years, several surgical techniques have been developed to address this issue and reduce the overall treatment time. These combine bone-healing mechanisms with orthodontic loads to accelerate tooth movement. Although effective, these techniques are also quite invasive in nature, requiring the elevation of buccal and lingual full-thickness flaps with extensive decortications of the buccal and lingual alveolar bone. Moreover, these techniques run the risk of teeth devitalization, avascular necrosis of the osseous block, alveolar resorption, and the risks of complications, with low acceptance by the patient. This manuscript reports three cases treated with a novel, flapless approach for minimally invasive rapid orthodontic (MIRO). This procedure includes radiographic-guided micro incisions and localized piezoelectric corticotomies. The clinical implications of this technique are discussed herein. MIRO reduces orthodontic treatment time, avoiding the reported adverse effects of accelerated orthodontics.